Stimulation of creativity, creative thinking, and lateral thinking

February 9, 2024 Blog

Would you like to improve your problem-solving abilities, generate innovative ideas, and adapt to changes? Then, you are interested in learning about the development of creative thinking skills and lateral thinking.

In this ZTalent article, we will discuss these concepts, how they relate, and what benefits they can bring to your personal and professional life.

What is creative thinking?

Creative thinking involves generating original, novel, and expressive ideas; it goes beyond logic and relates to imagination, improvisation, and intentionality. It includes characteristics such as artistic and expressive aspects, does not follow a rigid analytical process, and seeks opportunities and possibilities.

What is lateral thinking?

Coined by Edward de Bono, lateral thinking is a creative and imaginative method for solving problems indirectly. It is based on unorthodox strategies and aims to break patterns of logical thinking.

How can you develop these skills?

There are various techniques and tools that you can apply to stimulate your creative and lateral thinking. Some of them include brainstorming, mind mapping, the SCAMPER method, analogies, provocative questions, word games, etc. The important thing is to practice regularly, dare to experiment, and enjoy the process.

Creative thinking and lateral thinking offer a series of benefits at the workplace that can enhance performance and innovation:

  1. Stimulation of creativity and innovation.
  2. Facilitates adaptation to change and conflict resolution.
  3. Fosters the development of communication and collaboration skills.
  4. Improvement in identifying unconventional opportunities and solutions.
  5. Increase in efficiency and productivity.

In summary, creative thinking and lateral thinking are highly valuable competencies both in the professional and personal spheres. These skills not only contribute to strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence but also promote adaptability,

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