SAP Sapphire 2024: Announcement of New AI Alliances

June 13, 2024 Blog

At the annual SAP Sapphire conference in Orlando, Florida, SAP has unveiled significant innovations and new strategic alliances in the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud.

Today on the ZTalent blog, we discuss these SAP developments designed to add value to their portfolio of business solutions, focusing on the integration of Business AI and collaboration with renowned technology leaders.

AI for Business

SAP is taking artificial intelligence to a new level by integrating Business AI into its business solutions. This integration provides valuable insights that improve outcomes, foster creative problem-solving, enable businesses to analyze large volumes of data, identify patterns and trends, and make informed decisions that can lead to greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Strategic Alliances with Technology Leaders

SAP has formed strategic alliances with several technology leaders. These collaborations are designed to expand the capabilities of generative AI in the business domain.

  • Google Cloud: Joint solutions enable better prediction and mitigation of risks within the supply chain, minimizing disruptions and optimizing inventory levels.
  • Meta: Through this alliance, scripts are developed capable of rendering analytics applications with a high level of customization, highlighting linguistic nuances and contextual understanding.
  • Mistral AI: Their large language models are integrated into SAP AI Core, adding Generative AI HUB capabilities and providing significant added value.
  • NVIDIA: Their advanced AI models, combined with SAP’s consulting assets, offer precise and relevant answers to implementation questions.

Advanced Integration and Collaboration with AWS and Microsoft.

SAP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have deepened their collaboration to enhance cloud-based enterprise resource planning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

AWS is the first certified cloud provider to support the SAP portfolio, facilitating the adoption of RISE with SAP and integrating Amazon Bedrock’s generative AI models into SAP AI Core.

Additionally, AWS uses its Trainium and Inferentia chips to train and deploy AI offerings, collaborates in the use of Graviton4 for SAP HANA Cloud and other SAP applications, promoting new capabilities and efficiencies with generative AI.

Moreover, SAP has announced the integration of its generative AI copilot Joule with Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365. This integration allows employees to access information from SAP business applications and Microsoft 365 seamlessly, enhancing business activity coordination and calendar management through simple queries.


The SAP Sapphire 2024 conference has witnessed significant advances in the integration of Business AI into SAP’s portfolio of business solutions and the formation of strategic alliances with global technology leaders. These innovations and collaborations are designed to provide companies with advanced tools to improve decision-making, optimize operations, and address critical business challenges more effectively, preparing them for a future driven by AI and the cloud.


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