SAP launches ‘RISE with SAP’, business transformation as a service

December 28, 2021 Blog

Together with its strong partner ecosystem, SAP will provide faster time-to-value and the flexibility to move forward in the midst of change, all without large upfront investments.

SAP has announced a new product, ‘RISE with SAP’, a solution designed to help its customers with their respective digital transformations and become what SAP calls ‘smart enterprises‘. RISE is a subscription service that combines a set of service and product offerings. In this ZTalent SAP Hub blog post we tell you all the details.

Rise with SAP

Sven Denecken, SAP’s head of product success (and its S/4Hana COO) has described it as “the best concierge service you can get for your digital transformation”. “We need to help our customers embrace that change they see today,” he said.

“Transformation is a journey. Every client wants to become a smarter, faster, more agile business, but, of course, they also see that they face challenges today and in the future. This ongoing transformation is what’s happening to businesses. And we know from working with them that they actually agree with those fundamentals. They want to be a smart company. They want to adapt and change. But the key question is how do we get there. And the key demand they make of us is: help us get there.”

“Geopolitical tensions, environmental challenges and the current pandemic are forcing companies to address change faster than ever before,” said Christian Klein, CEO of SAP during the presentation. “Companies that can adapt their business processes quickly will thrive, and SAP can help them do just that. That’s what RISE with SAP is all about – helping customers constantly discover new ways to run cloud businesses to stay ahead of their industry.”

RISE with SAP is a unique offering that provides a path to the Intelligent Enterprise for every customer, regardless of starting point or complexity. It’s offered on a subscription basis with a single point of accountability for service level agreements (SLAs), operations and support. The holistic approach will help companies transform their business, going beyond a technical migration to the cloud to enable continuous transformation. Together with its strong partner ecosystem, SAP will guide enterprises in their business transformation by:

  • Business process redesign: Business process intelligence that is based on SAP’s business model and the experience and process knowledge gained from working with more than 400,000 customers in 25 industries. Customers can continuously analyze the performance of their business processes, benchmark them against industry standards, and easily adapt them to new business requirements and demands. This intelligence can be integrated into business processes thanks to the direct connection to SAP workflow, robotic process automation (RPA) and other artificial intelligence (AI) services.
  • Technical migration: Includes SAP® tools and services to support the entire technical journey and enable rapid time-to-value, augmented by offerings from the robust SAP ecosystem. This includes automated services to help move toward modular and standard solution environments for faster consumption of cloud innovation, as well as technician support to help smooth migration and high adoption.Ability to choose Cloud infrastructure, which can be located in an SAP data center or the customer’s selected hyperscale provider, to benefit from Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities without lock-in to data and systems.
  • Creating a Smart Enterprise: Business Technology Platform offers an enterprise-wide semantic layer that provides the foundation for holistic business transformation. This approach helps keep the core clean and enables simpler consumption:
  • Ease of complementing, extending and integrating with SAP, partner or third-party solutions using the same data model and platform services as SAP applications.
  • Access to more than 2,200 APIs to help ensure integration with on-premise, cloud and non-SAP systems.
  • Real-time enterprise-wide guidance and planning and provision of high-quality data for analytics, RPA and AI scenarios thanks to a semantic data layer.
  • Gain superior low-code or no-code development capabilities to extend SAP solutions, intelligent RPA to drive automation, and exceptional workflow service to modify processes on the fly.

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