SAP certifications: tips on how to get them

May 30, 2022 ZTalent

All SAP professionals know the advantages of having an SAP certification. They are a tool to demonstrate that you have the necessary and updated skills to be able to carry out an implementation project.

If you are thinking about taking the SAP certification exams, this post will be useful for you. At ZTalent we give you some tips and recommendations on how to take the exam, as well as an explanation of what it consists of.

What are SAP certifications?

They are exams created by SAP. These certifications serve to validate the knowledge and experience of consultants with customers, partners and SAP professionals in general. Recognised and standardised worldwide, SAP certifications are one of the best ways of accrediting the skills of an SAP professional.

Companies look for certified consultants to have the peace of mind to carry out a successful implementation. It is important to have SAP certifications because the professional must know all the details to be able to carry out the implementation. Consultants must be certified in a specific solution within the wide range of SAP.

How to take the exam

SAP certification exams are based on a syllabus agreed by the certification path. These are explained in a series of training courses. If you have attended the courses, the answers to the questions will have been covered somewhere in the courses.

However, there are alternatives to the courses. SAP experts can draw on their experience if they have the necessary knowledge to pass the exam in their functional area – this does not mean that they should not study, of course. On the other hand, SAP has many guides and books about each of its modules. And on the SAP website you can find ten sample questions for each SAP certification.

To take the exams, the online method is the best alternative. There are two options for taking the exams. The first is a fee that includes full access to the SAP Learning platform for twelve months and the right to take a single exam attempt. The second option is similar to the previous one; there’s only one difference between them: you’ll have up to six exam attempts instead of one.

What is the SAP certification exam like?

It varies depending on the level of the certification you are applying for. What is common to all of them is that it is a multiple-choice exam. There are four levels of SAP certifications:

  • Associate certification: tests the consultant’s basic knowledge. It consists of about 80 questions and lasts about three hours.
  • Specialist certification: an additional certification to the associate certification focused on a specific role. It consists of 40 questions and lasts 40 minutes.
  • Delta certification: checks that SAP consultants’ knowledge is up to date. The exam has 40 questions and lasts 40 minutes.
  • Professional certification: requires previous experience. It consists of about 80 questions and candidates have three hours to complete it.

To ensure its integrity, the exam will be fully proctored. The proctor must watch the consultant via a webcam throughout the exam. You will receive instructions before the exam, such as downloading a secure browser called Questionmark. A photo ID is required for the invigilator, who will ensure that the work area is completely clear.

Incorrect answers do not deduct marks. It is therefore important to answer all questions, even if the answer is only a guess. The questions are presented in a random order, so the topics are mixed throughout the exam.

In general, the pass rate varies from year to year depending on the degree of difficulty of the exam. Normal pass rates are between 60 and 70%.


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