SAP ARIBA Sourcing & Strategic Procurement

March 14, 2024 Blog

In today’s business world, it is essential to merge and refine procurement methods to maintain competitiveness and efficiency. This implies not only selecting suppliers with appropriate prices but also obtaining essential data to support informed decisions.

Today on the Ztalent blog, we will explore SAP’s solution to help optimize and automate procurement processes. We’re talking about SAP ARIBA Sourcing, which offers guided procurement to achieve maximum and best results in projects.

What is strategic procurement?

Strategic procurement seeks to develop supply channels, considering all stages of acquisition to ensure the best total cost rather than just the lowest purchase price. This is the key to achieving logistical success and taking the company to new levels of efficiency and profitability.

What are the advantages of strategic procurement?

  • It allows negotiating competitive prices and optimizing procurement processes.
  • Selecting optimal suppliers.
  • It allows adjusting the supply chain according to market fluctuations or changing business needs.
  • Security and continuity, protecting against supply chain interruptions.
  • Ensures decisions and fosters innovation.

What does SAP ARIBA Sourcing bring to strategic procurement?

SAP ARIBA Sourcing helps organizations optimize and automate procurement processes. With this tool, users can identify suppliers, manage sourcing events, and evaluate offers. It provides a structured approach to finding the best suppliers and negotiating favorable terms.

The benefits of guided procurement are:

  1. The new user interface offers a more intuitive experience, facilitating navigation and increasing user satisfaction, resulting in rapid platform adoption and increased efficiency in event creation, improved search, and access to help tools like SAP Enable Now.
  2. Integrated analytics drive innovation, offering efficiency through AI and machine learning. These functions include supplier and content suggestions, as well as intelligent data loading into Excel to streamline the import of unstructured information into sourcing events. Additionally, SAP is developing a mechanism called “insights to action,” which integrates analytics into applications to help business users make decisions quickly and effectively using information and recommendations.
  3. Integration with SAP Ariba Supplier Risk and SAP Ariba Category Management enhances search, incorporating supplier lifecycle and performance criteria. This allows access to risk information during negotiations and expense management through integrated analysis.
  4. Integration with SAP-backed partner applications extends the capabilities of guided procurement, making it a comprehensive solution for optimizing enterprise procurement processes.

In summary, SAP ARIBA Sourcing offers guided procurement capability with a range of benefits that optimize the enterprise procurement process, from supplier management to cost savings and improved efficiency, providing a complete solution for procurement activities.


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