Meeting the S/4 HANA challenge

June 13, 2022 Blog

The launch of S/4 HANA in 2015 has brought significant change to the SAP world. Consultants are in the midst of gaining knowledge and mastering skills. However, this may pose a problem.

A report by Resulting IT anticipates a period of difficulty if the situation is not addressed in a timely and appropriate manner. In this ZTalent blog post we discuss the whys and wherefores and possible solutions to this issue.

“SAP Skills Apocalypse”

Resulting IT’s study addresses the situation of the migration from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA. Described as the “SAP skills apocalypse”, the process is rooted in the 40,000 companies that must migrate by 2025. The changes and their adaptations in the SAP environment are a critical time in the coming years.

More than 400 SAP consultants have participated in the report, which reflects somewhat alarming data. Despite the fact that 48% of SAP consultants say they have implemented S/4HANA, their response regarding their understanding and mastery of this solution is below expectations. Let’s take a look at this graph:

We see that the data reflects growth, yes, but not as much as we would expect. There are several reasons for this: from the complexity of the S/4 HANA challenge to the short time between its release and its effective implementation in companies. Even so, the evolution, according to Resulting IT, is not as desired.

While it is true that progress has been made in understanding all the questions, the biggest statistic is the 0.6 increase in the first question. In the remaining two questions, the growth is smaller, especially the terse 0.3 increase in terms of which aspects have been eliminated.

An expert's view

Resulting IT's non-executive director, Derek Prior, explains at the start of the report why he thinks this is the most confusing time about SAP in all his years of career and experience.

"SAP users have some tough decisions to make. The challenge now is to find the talent they need to meet the S/4 HANA challenge and be able to migrate and secure it for years to come." The Resulting IT report provides the "information SAP users need to make smart, strategic decisions".

Meeting the S/4 HANA challenge

Resulting IT offers a number of tips and recommendations to prevent damage from the "SAP skills apocalypse". They talk, for example, about companies having open-minded staff. That is, SAP experts who are willing to increase their knowledge and learn about new solutions. "Sometimes hiring someone who is a good fit or even a blank canvas is the best option," says the study.

Another tip offered by the report is to build a team of trusted SAP consultants. Invest time and effort in finding the experts to solve not only today's problems and challenges, but also those of the future.

For our part, we at ZTalent SAP Hub encourage SAP consultants to gain fluency and overcome the challenge of S/4 HANA thanks to our three months of free access to HANA machines. To access them, all you have to do is register on our platform and complete your profile. This way, you will not only get access to free training, but you will also find hundreds of SAP job offers.

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