Marco Quesada: the young promise of Spanish tennis is a Z Talent

June 6, 2022 ZTalent

Sport is the ideal place to show one’s skills and abilities. It’s a rehearsal stage for life itself, where we face dilemmas, joys and frustrations similar to those we will have to manage at some point. It’s in individual sports that these learnings and challenges are most relevant.

At the pinnacle of individual demand, at the peak of the mountain reached through skill, is tennis. An individual sport where talent grabs the player and guides him from head to toe. In this ZTalent blog post we talk about someone who is steadily climbing this mountain: Marco Quesada.

Talent from the beginning

Born in Madrid during the winter of 2010, Marco showed his taste for the racket from very early on. He began to stand out from the rest at a very early age, both in training and in tournaments in which he shared the court with players of a higher age. This difference was never an insurmountable obstacle for Marco, who launched himself into federated competition with the strength of a smash.

At just eight years of age, in the Benjamín category, Quesada reaped good results, performances and victories, both in the Community of Madrid and in the rest of Spain. Especially remembered are the tournaments won in Andalusia, which are highlighted in Marco Quesada’s record.

His jump to the Alevín category came as number one in his promotion. This marked the beginning of Marco’s most serious and firm steps, reaching finals and victories in renowned tournaments such as the Madrid Alevín Team Championships, the Rafa Nadal Tour (in which he’s always been top 10) or the Marca Jóvenes Promesas. In addition, he has received a call from the Madrid Tennis Federation to form part of the team of six players that will compete in the Next Gen programme tournaments.

Marco Quesada in an interview for Radio Televisión Canaria last February.

Traits of a champion

Quesada honours the noble and aristocratic origins of tennis in each of his strokes. The elegance of his movements, wrapped in an exquisite technique, make his eminently offensive game a delight. His forehand always hides the intention of closing the point as soon as possible. Every ball returned by the young player from Madrid reaches its target in better conditions than the one he got when he received it.

But there are other aspects of Marco Quesada that stand out like precious stones in the sand. The premature maturity he showed in his early days was the anticipation of an emotional control and a tenacity worthy of the greatest exponents of the former white sport. Marco’s poise and sportsmanship imbued his figure with an aura that made admiring him the easiest task in the world.

His last tournament, his explosion

The clay courts of the La Moraleja Tennis Club have witnessed Quesada’s explosion. A tornado blew through the last Madrid Junior Championships, taking each and every one of the sets played, including the matches against the number 2 and 4 players on the junior circuit. It’s Marco Quesada’s most important victory to date.

The glory doesn’t stop there: Marco also took the trophy in the doubles draw. His partner was Izan Bañares, precisely the player he eliminated in the singles semi-finals.

At the tournament, Marco Quesada wore a ZTalent SAP Hub T-shirt. This is the beginning of our sponsorship of this diamond in the rough, the promise of Spanish tennis. At ZTalent we believe that talent makes the difference. Our commitment is not only in the SAP field. It’s a transversal ambition. And in sport, especially in tennis, we have a fantastic example of this.

Marco Quesada is a Z Talent!

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