GROW with SAP: what is SAP’s latest solution?

April 15, 2023 Blog

SAP continues to expand and extend its services. The latest to be included in this range is GROW with SAP. Launched in mid-March, the solution is aimed at midsize companies, an area in which the German giant has already worked in the past.

However, there are doubts about this new solution. In this ZTalent blog article, we will try to shed some light on the subject and answer the question of what their new solution consists of.

ERP implementation in “one month”

Let’s first take a look at what SAP says on its website. According to the website, GROW with SAP is a “complete offering of solutions, adoption acceleration services, community and training to enable any business to successfully adopt ERP in the cloud“. The new solution is designed to help companies implement cloud ERP “quickly, predictably and innovatively”.

At a press conference to launch GROW with SAP in Spain, the country’s Channel Head of SAP, José María Bornás, talked more about the proposition. “It’s not just a new solution, but a paradigm shift where we are looking for the highest return in the shortest possible time. Bornás believes that the migration to SAP, usually estimated to take between one and two quarters, could now take place within “four weeks“.

All in all, we see that GROW with SAP is aimed at those companies that do not yet have a presence in the cloud, for new customers who want to be part of SAP.

But… what’s new?

SAP experts outside the German company have been asking the same question when observing the launch of GROW with SAP: what about RISE with SAP? For example, expert blogger Antonio de Ancos Cid interprets GROW as being “more oriented towards new customers in midsize companies”. RISE, on the other hand, will now be aimed at “trying to move existing customers from the current perpetual licensing model to a pay-per-subscription model”, says Ancos.

NTTDATA Solutions tries to explain the difference between RISE and GROW. “The key technical difference is that GROW focuses on the public cloud, while RISE also offers other operating models (private cloud, public cloud or hybrid). The on-premises and private cloud operating models allow for greater customisation, but require enterprises to be more involved in technical issues”.

Finally, TechTarget points to something that many experts have already taken into account. Analysts believe that the programme’s focus on medium-sized companies is a positive step. In fact, according to SAP’s director of marketing and solutions, Julia White, 80% of its customers are midsize companies. However, experts point out that the complexity of the S/4 HANA Cloud could still be an obstacle for them.

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