Artificial Intelligence: five key trends for 2024 according to SAP

March 7, 2024 Article

What trends stand out in the field of artificial intelligence? Global leaders from SAP share their vision on what is expected across various industries for 2024. In this ZTalent article, we outline the five trends that, according to them, will shape the course of AI in the coming years.

These are the five trends that will define the future of AI in 2024:

Generative Artificial Intelligence: From Expectation to Reality

Generative AI is a branch of artificial intelligence that can create new and original content from existing data. Walter Sun, Global Director of Artificial Intelligence at SAP, predicts that generative AI will become more realistic and relevant for businesses in 2024, provided they can effectively combine it with their own business data and maintain context.

Generative AI will require specialized engineers who can leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate reliable and responsible results, presenting a learning opportunity for employees across different areas.

Innovation and Creativity in Software Development

Yaad Oren, Managing Director of SAP Labs in the United States and Global Director of SAP’s network of innovation centers, forecasts that one of the trends is that generative AI will become more powerful and versatile for developers in 2024. This will enable them to: create, automate, enhance, and personalize software more efficiently and creatively, expanding the possibilities and challenges of software as we know it today.

Greater Technological Evolution in the Next Five Years than in the Last Two Decades

Lloyd Adams, President of SAP North America, indicates that cloud and AI will transform enterprise applications in the coming years, offering benefits such as: integration, scalability, performance, cost savings, and security, enabling organizations to optimize their operations and adapt to their business needs.

Additionally, the cloud will facilitate monitoring and management of applications and services, as well as prevention and resolution of security issues.

AI Will Impact All Industries

AI will have an impact on various industries in 2024, such as:  retail, manufacturing, and financial services, enabling organizations to use predictive analytics to gain insights and forecast trends, enhancing their understanding of consumers and their needs.

It will also facilitate the use of chatbots and applications that provide personalized financial advice and stock price forecasts, changing the way finances are managed.

AI Will Redefine Innovation Across the Utilities Sector

The trend proposed by Daniela Haldy-Sellmann, Head of Energy and Utilities Industries at SAP, anticipates that generative AI, creating new content or models from existing data, will help utility companies improve their business processes in 2024. This will enable these companies to predict energy consumption, offer customized solutions, optimize resources, analyze network data, balance supply and demand, and manage energy load.

In summary, AI is taking innovation and efficiency to new levels across various industries, transforming the way companies operate and deliver services. These trends outlined by SAP leaders suggest an exciting future where AI will be a key component for business success and continuous improvement.


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